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Business Activities

Commercial Trading License

Carrying out commercial activities limited to those specified in the licnese, which allow the import, export, sale, distribution and storage of items permissible within the license.

General Trading License

Carrying out commercial activities across an unrestricted range of activities, products and/or items using this license, and as such allows for the holder to import, export, sell distribute and or store all such categories under this license.

Professional License

Carrying out the services specified in the license within the Free Zone and elsewhere in the UAE (subject to local licenses and permits that may be required in other jurisdictions). These include services such as advisory, genral consulting, software implementation, training, human resource services and other services.

Event Management License

Organizing of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions as well as any Business and Leisure events

Business Operating Permits

One of DWTC Authority’s unique selling points is the option for locally licensed offshore entities to either relocate or obtain a lease within the Free Zone. This is achieved through the issuing of a Business Operating Permit to entities already licensed by the Dubai Department of Economic Development that want to obtain a lease and operate in the Free Zone.