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Day 1 - Submit application forms along with the required documents for Provisional Approval to CREATIVE ZONE and make payment

When do I get my Company Incorporation Documents?

Day 5 - Client is informed of any external regulatory body approvals that may be required.

Day 10 - Name Reservation Certificate is provided and d3 issues the Provisional Approval Letter

Day 11 - Client selects the suitable premise for operation and submits legal documents for company registration. CZ representative checks the legal documents and issues a Customer Confirmation Letter pertaining to the leasing of the premises in the free zone

Day 19 - Client signs and return “customer confirmation letter“ and make required payments for registration and license fee to DTMFZA (25% of the annual rent to be transferred to d3 account) and provides the PDCs.

Day 23 - Deposit share capital to TECOM Trust Account or any local bank and submit proof of capital letter to CZ Sales Representative. DTMFZA Registration and Licensing Department prepares the commercial license. Client will be notified when the license is ready.

Day 25 - Client collects the original Commercial License and signs the Lease Agreement and Personnel Sponsorship Agreement (PSA).

When do I get my Visa?

Day 25 - Make payment for Company Establishment Card

Day 31 - Company Establishment card issued by Immigration. You may apply for your visa at this point

Day 31 - Complete and submit visa application forms and supporting documents and passport photos to CREATIVE ZONE and make payment

Day 34 - Entry Visa is issued

Day 34 - Proceed with Change of Status / Local Amendment

Day 36 - Proceed for Medical and Emirates ID Card application

Day 37 - Collect Medical Results and deliver the same to CREATIVE ZONE offices along with your passport, completed signed and stamped original employment contract, Emirates ID Card receipt, entry visa (with change of status stamp) along with 8 alternate passport size photos on white background, all of which will be submitted to Immigration for residency stamping

Day 40 - Passport is released by Immigration stamped with your Residency Visa.

Please Note:

  • The above timelines correlate to working days not calendar days.
  • The above timelines are collated based on the average processing times over the previous 3 months and hence are not exact and in reality may be shorter or longer.
  • Applications are submitted for processing and indicated timelines commence upon realization of payment.
  • The cut-off time for documents to be submitted/received, and payments to be received/released is 1pm, anything received after this time will be considered towards the following working day.
  • As all visa applications have to be submitted to the Free Zone and Immigration with the original forms signed by the applicant, hence all visa applications submitted to CREATIVE ZONE at any time will always be considered towards the following working day.
  • Should you choose to cancel or abort your visa process at any stage, or let your entry visa expire or lapse you will not be eligible for any refund - the whole visa process will need to be restarted and a fresh payment made.
  • During periods in and around Ramadan, days of mourning, Eid and other National and Religious Holidays the indicated timelines are likely to become subject to delays.
  • Any overstay fines will have to be paid prior to your entry visa being issued. Furthermore at the time of paying your overstay fines, you will incur an admin fee of AED 250.
  • If you are out of the country when your entry visa is issued, you will need to enter the country on your new entry visa, you will NOT be allowed to enter the country on a tourist visa or visit visa or visa on arrival
  • In order to maintain your UAE residency, you will need to enter the country at least once every 180 calendar days
  • Change of status (in/out stamp) would need to be carried out prior to proceeding for your Emirates ID Card.
  • Should you be outside the country when the visa is issued, and are not from one of the 48 countries that are granted a visa on arrival (please contact us for a full list of the same) and are entering the UAE on your new entry visa, which will constitute your change of status, please be sure to contact your airline prior to travelling, as many airlines will need to see a copy of your entry visa prior to travel in order to verify the same and then upload a copy of the visa onto their system, and provide you with an ‘OK to Board’. The same would apply if you are inside the country when the visa is issued, and plan to exit the country with your visa in hand, and then re-enter the UAE by air.
  • Furthermore when you are entering the country on your new entry visa, please ensure you carry out your eye scan at the airport on arrival, and ensure the immigration official stamps the entry visa as well as your passport. Do NOT enter on your e-gate card.
  • Once you complete your change of status you will NOT be able to travel outside of the UAE until your passport has been stamped with your residency visa.
  • The Visa process for certain nationalities may be longer than the timelines indicated above.
  • The labor card is often NOT released at the same time as the passport after residency stamping. If it isn’t released at the same time as the passport after residency stamping, it will be released within 60 days thereafter
  • For certain nationalities Immigration have been known to request either an attested copy of the passport or the original passport for sighting prior to approving the issuance of the entry visa
  • Should you have a visa application under process and wish to travel in and out of the UAE, and are a national of one of the 48 countries who are granted visit visas on arrival, please contact us before re-entering the UAE, as if your visa application has cleared security approval, you may have to wait until your new employment visa has been issued and to re-enter the UAE using the same.
  • Even if your place of birth and nationality isn’t from one of the restricted countries but your name is deemed to have originated from one of those countries, you will experience delays in both your establishment card and visa release.
  • On occasion delays may be caused at Residency Visa stamping stage, due to ‘un-cleared previous visit visas’ this can occur when a national of one of the 48 countries granted a visit visa on arrival may have previously entered the UAE at one entry point i.e. Abu Dhabi airport and exited from another i.e. Dubai Airport etc and the exit hadn’t been updated in the Immigration system.
  • When this occurs we will alert the applicant of the details that we have received from Immigration and return his passport to him, and he will be required to visit the point where he exited from i.e. Dubai Airport and present Immigration there with his passport and alert them of the un-cleared exit date and request them to clear the same in their system, after which he will return his passport to us, and we will resubmit it for residency stamping, which will take the standard 16 business days to complete.
  • If you have lost/surrendered your Emirates ID and don't have a copy of both sides, kindly submit a copy of your passport with the previous visa and 1 passport sized photo to an authorized Emirates ID Authority Typing Centre. They will then forward the same to the Emirates ID Authority with a request to obtain your previous Emirates ID Card number which will be required in order to type the Emirates ID Card renewal application. The response time for obtaining the previous Emirates ID Card number from the Emirates ID Authority normally takes less than 1 business day.
  • Your Trade License start date will be day 1 of the timeline.
  • If any of the Shareholders and/or General Manager cannot personally be present in the UAE to open the company Bank Account, an attested Board Resolution and/or Power of Attorney from all of the absent Shareholders and/or General Manager will need to be submitted in order to complete the bank account opening procedure. Please contact us for drafts and further details on the same.