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License and Support Services Costs

d3 Free Zone License Year 1 Year 2
*License Fee AED 15,010 AED 15,010
One Time Registration Fee AED 3,510 0
PRO Fee AED 12,500 AED 10,000
**Commercial Office Space Rental per square feet / annum per square feet / annum
Courtyard View AED 110 AED 110
Standard View AED 130 AED 130
Standard View AED 165 AED 165

There is a minimum share capital requirement of AED 50,000. This does not apply to Branch Offices.

*License Fee may vary depending on the segment and activity chosen

**Includes the service charge but excludes DEWA and Chiller (A/C charges) and offices delivered as shell and core. Quota is 1 Visa per 80 sq.ft.