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Why the UAE is the Ideal Place to Set up your Business

October 1, 2014

Why the UAE is the Ideal Place to Set up your Business

The UAE today is seen as a world leader in enterprise and modernization, and as a result has earned international recognition as a prosperous and booming hotspot for business setups, trade and tourism.

Over the last decade in particular, the UAE's global reputation has grown rapidly and is perceived today as a leading commercial hub of the Middle East, and a serious force in the global economy.

The success of the UAE can be attributed to:

  • Limited foreign exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers (including 22 Free Zones in Dubai)
  • Full repatriation of profit and capital
  • Ease in Company formation and Business Set-up processing
  • Govt initiatives to help SME's setup companies.
  • Competitive import duty (5%) with many exemptions
  • Stable Political situation
  • No income tax, corporate tax or withholding tax
  • Vibrant and highly efficient economy & Modern infrastructure
  • Presence of major global multinational corporations
  • Diverse cross-cultural population & Stable currency
  • Proximity to the Indian Sub-continent and Europe
  • One of the largest airports in the world & One of leading airlines in the world, flying to over 100 destinations daily

The UAE continues to grow and has strengthened its position within the global market to become one of the largest economies in the Middle East. The country offers a plethora of attractive investment opportunities to local and international investors and attracts an abundance of trade due to the number of free zones located throughout the Emirates. The opportunities present in the country make this an excellent choice for dynamic businesses looking to flourish.

CREATIVE ZONE is a team of company formation specialists who are a respected leader in the UAE business setup industry. Having successfully setup over 5,000 companies since their inception in 2010, CREATIVE ZONE understands and appreciates the challenges and concerns people are faced with when trying to incorporate a new company in a foreign country. CREATIVE ZONE not only specialize in the handling and processing of all company documentation (everything from trade licenses to residency visas) but they also provide a business support platform of the highest caliber to their clients, helping them start their businesses off on the right foot. CREATIVE ZONE's expertise lies in the establishment of Free Zone, Dubai LLC & Offshore companies which in turn, allows entrepreneurs and start-up companies to focus on what's most important; starting their business and making it a success!